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Your Subconscious Rules

What really defines our actions? In the analogy of the horse and the rider it is obvious who is in control. The rider believes he or she is in control of the horse. In reality the horse can choose to do anything they want without much thought of the rider. It's the same for all humans. Thinking you are in control of many situations is untrue. Your horse, the subconscious, takes you on various excursions, falls and disappointing side tracks. The horse, as your subconscious, has a mission. That mission is to complete something from childhood or prior even to conception, as it matches you up with partners that are similar to a parent or a sibling whose relationship may have been negative or traumatic. The lessons abound in what your subconscious wants for you. In its knowing of the truth and what is incomplete your subconscious attempts to make you whole. Your conscious can only hold a small portion of what is happening in your environment, filtered with your past beliefs and judgments. Your subconscious, however, knows and records the truth of every moment in the mission to bring you into being accountable for your history, so you become whole. How do you access your truth seeker your internal guidance? One way is to put the chatter of the conscious mind aside. A practice of meditation. Slowing the mind and connecting to yourself through breath. Allows the mind and body to relax enough and receive information from within. Your subconscious doesn’t always speak loudly as your Saboteur or other parts of SELF do. It’s voice is usually quiet but speaks with metaphors, offers synchronicity in life and has a profound sense of who you are and where you are going. There are excellent places for beginners to learn meditation in communities on line. The chaos that is around you bubbles forward as a distraction and deterrent in keeping your focus. Especially if that focus is for well being and positivity. The lesson is to maintain focus and direction in how you want your life to be, not what you’ve been programmed to believe. Meditation can also be about being in nature. Spending the time communing with nature, feeling its magnificence does wonders for freeing your mind.

The other way of connecting with your subconscious that will assist in your growth is visualization.  Create a pathway of productivity by visualizing or having lucid dreams of a healthy, positive, productive future.  To bring that visual into the subconscious, feeling its vitality being expressed in the outcome.  Basking in the future possibility of all that you want and then wait for life to unfold.

If that is not satisfying  or impatience is an issue with allowing it to unfold I would suggest visiting your Saboteur and what you've been told or programmed to believe about yourself and the situation.

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