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What's Birth Got To Do With It?

You've spent 9 months preparing for that day when you will be presented to the world. It is going to be on your terms, your day, your time, HOPEFULLY! Which way you have arrived into this new experience of breathing, eating and being touched, it was yours alone.

That first experience of a new adventure plays a significant part in your life. It is embedded into your cellular memory. It can lead to fears of many things including achievement and success, for years to come. Babies that have birth trauma can relive that often in their first few months or longer . Needing assurance, love, connection and talking to them with the comfort of a mom or dads voice. Yes, you can talk to an infant to assist in reprograming a trauma to alleviate the stress. If you have a child with birth trauma I would suggest finding a Cranial Sacral practitioner that specializes in Birth Trauma.

How does birth affect someone? For some people starting a new project can bring about anxiety or a strong sense of determination . Both can directly relate to their birthing experience. Take into consideration that someone who was cesarean may have difficulty completing projects. Assuming on a deep unconscious level that they will be saved from the completion or that they don't have the stamina or will to complete.

It is not only the physical birthing that is imbedded in the cellular memory, but the first time you experienced touch and being held, and the first time you were first seen. Even though infants sight isn't developed, that first engagement with Mom or Dad sets the tone for what exists between them. A contract, an agreement which can carry through their life.

Imagine with all this in mind, what is the patterns that are introduced if a baby is induced or planned on a certain date because of another's convenience? What impact can that create? When your choices might have been taken away and you are left vulnerable, fearful and confused.

Don't accept that newborns are unaware or have little to no concept of emotions or touch. They are heighten sensory beings, waiting for connection and love. Be gentle with yourself in understanding the impact of your own birth. What ever the circumstance were in that moment that you arrived, you can always reprogram the negative and enhance the positive.

You are amazing creation! Do not forget that!

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