Darlene Van de Grift became a massage therapist and opened a Massage School in Pennsylvania in her late twenties, where she taught massage, anatomy and physiology.  As her clients needed more in the way of healing, Darlene added modalities to fill that need.  This opened a door for her personal quest for knowledge.  She then studied and became a practitioner in Applied Kinesiology, One Brain, Touch for Health, CNC ( Certified Nutritionist), Inner Child Workshops, Imago Therapy, Intention Body Balancing, Matrix Energetics along with being an artist, and seamstress. 

As Darlene's experience in working with the body and thought processes that effect health expanded, her gifts emerged on the Spiritual level. Her passion, in being a Medical Intuitive, Inter-dimensional Mediator and Conscious Evolutionary Guide, is being able to access the truth of what is needed and to shed the old and embrace the new. This practice provides the opportunity to create a better life with better health, relationships and connection to one's own Guidance.