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I Say Goodbye to You

The Goodbye Process is about how to let go of a relationship that doesn't serve you, in a way that provides clarity and completion. It doesn't matter what the relationship is,  a family member, a friend, an ex-partner, a mother, or a father. The Goodbye Process comprises 4 parts as a writing process, so every sentence begins with "I say goodbye to.."

The first part is  "I said goodbye to," all the negative things that happened during your relationship. This can be as much detail as you want or need. In the second part you say, “I say goodbye to, " all the good things that happened in our relationship. The third part says, " I said goodbye to," all your hopes and dreams for the early stages of your relationship and how you wanted or wished your relationship to be." In the fourth part you say, “I release you from my past, present, and future”. 

This can also be saying goodbye to something you took on, such as a behavior or a pattern that no longer serves you

I did have someone ask me, “But I don’t want to say Goodbye because it wasn’t a relationship. I just got back from a trip, and I didn't want to let go of the energy of that trip, the good things that I experienced, only the negative.  I don't want it to mean I'll never return there again." This process isn't a permanent declaration. It is about non-attachment.

 The goodbye process is not about cutting cords, it's about setting boundaries. Choosing to not have any attachments to negativity during the trip or event, but letting go of it all so you can go back to start anew if you choose.  

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