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How To Live Like You Were Dying

A popular country song that strikes the heart of how most people are not living their lives. What is of value to you in your life?

Maybe in this moment its money, success, proving to others, making your mark, the list continues but you get the point. On your death bed, hospice workers from all over the country hear the remorse of the dying. Those patients aren’t sad and regretful about not having money, another sale or a bigger boat. Its a matter of the heart that is the utmost importance. Having been significant in their life. To their loved ones, partners and friends. Regretting missed moments that others shared and you were too preoccupied to live fully.

A writing exercise which is good to consider is creating a scene at your death bed and who would you want to be there. What would you say to each of them and than write your epitaph. Its a sobering point to take all that into consideration. Whatever you find ask yourself,” Is that what I want? Is that enough, is there something missing?” Would you be content to fall asleep for the last time assured you lived your life the fullest?

If not, than wake up to what is important. Create a life you can be happy in. Some people are miserable, complain and complain about everything and anything. Not recognizing they are their own worst enemy. Perception plays a significant part in what you attract and how life gets presented to you.

When something is an obstacle instead of becoming disheartened, see it as an opportunity. Brainstorm with others, do research , meditate, pray. Look for the answers in place you wouldn’t normally look. Challenge is the mother of invention.

When your perception is dry, loveless, condemning, you will only attract more of that. Even if there is amazing synchronicity and opportunity around you, you probably will deny or dismiss them.

Don’t let your attitude create a negative perception of you , the world and life.

Living as if you were dying takes effort, an open heart and mind, forgiveness and gratitude. In doing so you can only become happier, feeling fulfilled and in your heart finding peace despite the events around you.

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