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You Are What You Hate

I am sure many, if not all of us have experienced synchronicity in your life. Those moments where everything falls into place and you are gifted with alignment of space and time in an unexpected but a welcomed turn of events. Being in a place of gratitude and openness can increase synchronicity exponentially. So keep your eyes, ears and minds open for all that is around you. Knowing you are in the flow of your own creation.

But what about those people who come into your life that you cannot find harmony. They are irritating, frustrating and overwhelming, and you just cannot resolve your own feelings about them? The basic resolution is to look within. Are they a reflection of some part of you? Sometimes others are there to remind us of who we have been and maybe how far we have come. Perhaps to have empathy or compassion for anothers journey. To try to understand where and how that person came to have a particular personality or behavior.

If this is a past expression of yourself, forgive yourself and allow that forgiveness to generate to whomever is in your life. If that expression of yourself, the one that is right in front of you that is irritating and is still present, look at it this way. It might be difficult to own who you are and how you are similar but in doing so you may have a stronger advantage of being either compassionate towards another or simply being in charge of changing your own behavior. The likelihood is the something will change in either case.

What if you have done all that and the negative feelings persist? I’ve found in that case, Ho Oponopono is a wonderful tool to resolve stuck issues and feelings. Saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you from your heart opens doors for amazing shifts. Doing this process of Ho Oponopono creates a path of accountability in the relationship. If you do not have a clue as to what you are saying I’m sorry for, try this.

"I am sorry for anything I have done to you in the past, present and future, knowingly or unknowingly." When all else fails many times its a past situation or person that gets triggered by the person in the present. As their behavior or appearance reminds your subconscious of old unresolved memories.

What you do not want is to continue an old pattern that may have existed in another time. It is important to clear whatever you can to release you both in order to move on.

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