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Your Body Doesn't Lie

When you are using your brain to make decisions, you are using only one part of the equation. Your brain compartmentalizes situations, and influences perceptions by filtering in old beliefs and experiences. Therefore decisions you make may feel is if they are rational. However, your judgments, negative experiences will reflect the choices you make.You are not getting the total picture and including what could be a life changer if the body was included in the process.

The body or subconscious does not lie nor does it have a filtration system that contains negative thoughts, perceptions, or beliefs. The body’s wisdom is innate, it claims to see experiences as they are in a unemotional state. This access to body wisdom and innate knowledge comes in a yes and no basis. Since there is no language that can determine what the body is speaking its of value to learn how to read a yes and no response. To do this a tool or tools can be used to assure you are reading the answer correctly. .

Kinesiology has been my main tool for over 40 years. Accessing my personal knowledge of truth, as well as the many thousands of clients who have had benefit from the use of Kinesiology in my practice and classes. There are other tools to use for accessing your innate wisdom. The ruins, L-rods, use of cards, chits or pendulum all play a part in opening the path for your body, subconscious, to communicate. This is the process of stepping out of your physical mind to gain insight into a deeper understanding of whatever situation you are asking about.

It is of utmost importance that when using the tools of access that you maintain neutrality. If you allow your brain to kick in and have a preconceived idea of the answer or your fear to dominate the tool than you will receive the answer you WANT and not necessarily the TRUTH. The neutral space of allowing the body to speak, even if the answers are not what you want to hear, is the most advantageous in achieving insight to your questions.

The Truth can then arise. In that process you are starting to trust yourself and guidance. It is the door that opens for you to step into another world for assistance. Especially in the form of Kinesiology becoming a communication skill that is established between parts of yourself, and the spiritual guidance part of you as your innate wisdom. There are many books and teaching on how to do Kinesiology for yourself and others.

If you are a empath or a feeling person it would be easy for you to understand how the body does not lie. The response of yes/no comes through the central nervous system. When you think of a pleasant experience, loving someone, a great vacation, your body has a felt sense with those memories. If I was using Kinesiology with you at that moment you would have a strong YES. If you than think of a negative memory and feel your bodies response something would change and Kinesiology would prove to get a strong NO. This is how you body communicates. For some people they can determine the YES/NO by simply feeling into the possibility of whatever choice they are making from a neutral place. Others use the North way which is about standing straight with eyes closed and asking a yes/no question. If your body leans forward it is Yes, leaning toward the back is No. There are many ways to access innate wisdom, it is up to you to find the best suitable method.

WE are hardwired into our emotional and sensory information. In turn that becomes your gut feeling. I would highly recommend discovering a tool that works for you to initially open the door for your truth.

WE were given our feelings and sensory information in order for us to evaluate our truth. There are always two or more parts to any story. Your opinion, judgment, and experiences are the filters that determine the decisions. A large part of the information is the truth of the experience according to your body. Your body has no judgment, withholding or rejection - it simply is. The outcome of any answer is not fear based. Part of the discrepancy within the body, is its not being honored for its voice in making choices. There becomes a separation of trust between the Conscious and Subconscious. Mind, Body and Spirit. The body’s voice becomes quieted if care-taking was forced or not readily available as a child.

A good place to start is with food. Allowing your body to choose what is good to eat and not. Sitting and asking what is your body wanting and from what place does that wanting arise. If it is an emotional need to want, it may not be the best choice for what your body needs. Then use a tool to understand the dynamics of what is needed in aligning with your body.

Mentioned in another blog to use the Ho’ Oponopono to align yourself to your body especially if you are out of sync, had trauma, surgery, accidents or abuse. The Ho’ Oponopo can bring you back into the place of forgiveness and gratitude promoting a reconnection to your Mind, Body, Spirit. Your body wants to be heard, valued and trusted. My own experience in using Kinesiology is that is the most significant valuable tool in accessing truth for personal growth.

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