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You are a Spiritually Evolved Light Force

We as humans are seen by many on the spiritual levels as

a S.E.L.F. A Spiritually Evolved Light Force. What exactly does that mean to us?

When you look around the strife, turmoil, violence and struggle that most humans endure doesn’t get anywhere close to being a Spiritually Evolved Light Force. Yet, that is how we are seen to those who themselves have evolved to the place of having light bodies. At our core, humans are Spiritual Beings. After all aren’t we Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience? True but many of us do not see ourselves or others in that way.

We prefer to criticize or condemn those who are different. War with those whose opinions or lifestyles contradict our own. Judge and punish the individuals whose lives frighten us. When in the truth, the unity that we all share is indeed we are Spiritual Beings with the choice to experience our own version of life.

Humans are held in the energy, the vision, the future possibility that being a S.E.L.F. can also mean that peace can be maintained in a world of choice and free will. Do you believe that we can reach that potential? Can you begin to see yourself and others in the light of S.E.L.F.?

When we take on the template of be a Spiritually Evolved Light Force what are we being? To me we look at others, life and the world from a different perspective. We see each other as doing the best we can with what we were given and chose. Does it mean we allow and allow, without boundaries for ourselves, or setting them for others? No it does mean that we need to speak our truth, listen to others in their truth, find a way to meet in the middle or at least walk away without carrying hatred, and agree to disagree. Examine your heart. Where is your benevolence, empathy and compassion? When you can identify those aspects in yourself and take action on them you are becoming what you are already seen as...

A Spiritually Evolved Light Force.

Embrace that it is possible in becoming your present and future, just as it has been your past!

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