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Vulnerability vs Visibility

This is a time of vulnerability vs visibility. What I’m noticing is that there is a surge of recreating a new visible identity for ourselves. With that surge to become visible, comes vulnerability.

Where are the areas within you that are feeling vulnerable? Where do those vulnerable places stem from? Is your vulnerability truly yours or did you pick that up from parents, siblings, or other caretakers? What does being vulnerable do for you now in the future?

Will you take stock of your life in the future and be disappointed you didn't become more visible?

We are at the junction of choice in our present life. We are being asked to be visible. Whatever that means to you in your life. Perhaps by speaking up, being creative, offer or assisting others, engage on social media, or in others ways that are available. Are you being as visible in your life as you want or as you need to be? Don’t waist this opportunity to create more of who you are. If you have a community around you, friends that support you, talk about your vulnerability. Maybe you feel lost or lonely ask for their support in this transition. Start a journal that will give you the opportunity to express your emotions. We all need support and a means to express.

Look for the areas that you are experiencing expansion in your life. Embrace that expansion and ask for more. We spoke in previous blogs about the chrysalis and what happens inside that cocoon. Right now your wings are being formed. You might not know what to do with them, or how they can be helpful. Accept that they are what is needed to transform you from this experience to another. Visualize them in meditation. Feel what that would feel like as they unfurl and you feel the wind pushing you up into the warmth of the sun. Take a moment to be in that place and enjoy the freedom of being a new discovery of yourself.

" Just when the caterpillar thought he world was over, it became a butterfly."

How many believe they came to be in this place and time for a reason? Do you know what that reason is? It doesn’t have to be difficult to imagine that. If you are not doing something in your life that is contributing, or being proactive. Do not judge yourself for doing too little. You can be doing a meditation for a positive outcome, praying for others, offering help to neighbors and friends, any action brings light onto the planet and offers laughter and joy. Your contribution is all about increasing your visibility. Share, Share, Share. As you vulnerability emerges, share that too.

This is not the time to create division or negativity. Whatever the reason you are here embrace it. Don’t judge it by believing it is not enough, and that you are not good enough. We all do what we can by combining our strengths and move forward in co creating our future. Commit to whatever amount of time it takes for transformation to structurally, mentally, emotionally shift us. This is our time to discover our loose ends, become visible, allow our vulnerability and emerge with wings spread.

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