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Synchronicity : the Flow of Life

Synchronicity or being in the flow are very similar. It is a felt sense of being aligned. By keeping your eyes, ears and mind open you will notice that there are events, clues that happen in your life. It could be as simple as thinking of someone when you wake up and then later that day running into them at a supermarket, or maybe they call you out of the blue. Or meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you’ve known them forever, becoming fast friends.

It is the magic that exists in the space between the time continuum. The Field of Possibility plays a significant part in synchronicity. Synchronicity is what descends from the Field to offer you a knowing that you are aligned with your higher self and spirit. It is the Field coming into physical form allowing you to know you are on the right path of your mission or your journey. That you are attracting to you what is important and valuable in that moment, to take advantage of that offering. It is confirmation from guidance.

When Synchronicity appears in your life, be in gratitude in that moment. Say thank you, in the moment that it lands in your path. The more you notice the more you will receive.

Life is not designed to stay in the Flow permanently. In your growth and evolution it is the experiences of when you are out of the Flow that has the most meaning. When you have a difficult lesson or are having a rough period in life. It is those times that reflection is valuable, to honor and appreciate how you grew and what you have learned. When synchronicity appears as you go back into the Flow, you can genuinely appreciate who you are and the connection of spirit in your life.

Synchronicity is abundant all around you. If you're sleeping, unaware and distracted you will most likely disregard what is in front of you. You could assume it is a coincidence without gratitude or appreciation. Often Synchronicity terms are; look at that, how did that happen, interesting or a simple hummm???

But you may never give Synchronicity its true value of why that is happening in this moment, time and location, with who and what.

Synchronicity is also an attempt for you to be in a heart felt place to be in the Flow of life and know you are one with everything. Look at it as confirmation that you are on your path, and that is the best path for you at that time. When you have become accustomed to recognizing Synchronicity you may find yourself once again stepping out of that Flow to become accountable for your lessons. For some accountability is difficult and even seems impossible.

Getting back into the Flow is possible through meditation, concentrating on your breath, by bringing yourself back into a physical alignment of mind, body, spirit. Another is visualization, by exploring how your body feels when you are out of the flow. Give that detail and in depth look at what the body presents in its tightness, fullness, or the experience of anxiety. How do your shoulders, legs, stomach feel? Setting that experience aside. Now create a different one. Seeing your body more relaxed, maybe at the beach or mountains, a vacation that was enjoyable. Feeling the difference from where you are now to where you just created visually. Start letting go into the new vision. Starting with your toes, feet, ankles, moving up your legs and trunk of your body. Matching the new vibration to release the old. Continue that process until you saturate all your body from head to foot with a new energy, a new possibility. This exercise brings you back into alignment again with your body and allows you to be in the flow.

Prayer is another way to bring yourself into the Flow. Gratitude, mindfulness of someone or something you are grateful for and why you are in gratitude. Brings you into alignment with Spirit, Higher Self and a Higher power.

Remember your heart is the governing body that can lead you forward while having your mind stay open on this journey we call life. By keeping an open heart Synchronicity and being in the Flow becomes a natural state.

If you are too self absorbed you will block out the Synchronicity and Flow around you because life revolves around you and your needs. It will close off the heart in love or affection for others, minimize the connections to the outside world, and assure that you will cut yourself off from the Flow.

Remember your attitude and perceptions play a significant part on what you attract and the Synchronicity in your life. What you attract is very different from Synchronicity. If what you are attracting is negative, a person, place or event. It is not about Synchronicity as much as it's about your vibration that you emanate that is magnetizing what your thoughts are and bringing that to you.

A person that steals an object only to find out it's broken. Or has negative thoughts about someone only to have those projects to come full circle back to them.

That is not Synchronicity, it is an opportunity to look at your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

View Synchronicity as your guidance system speaking to you out loud and say," Thank you."

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