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Our Own Saboteur

You come into this world with many parts of your SELF, your Spiritually Evolved Light Force. Unformed, undefined. As you grow in your environment of family, parents, grandparents, siblings, community, teachers, religion and now the media you are shaped and reshaped to be what others have set out for you. Choice is not an option in your younger years. You are subject to create your own internal dialog of the many voices and behaviors of others around you.

Did you ever ask yourself what are your beliefs about yourself, others, the world, race, religion, God, the universe? Even more important where did those concepts, values, judgments come from? Where is the source of what you believe which created your patterns and sometime projections onto others? In doing so you are using critical thinking.

Could it be that culturally and genetically you carry remnants of old unresolved issues that may not even be yours. The answer is in many instances, yes. These handed down concepts and beliefs, judgments became part of a deeper Shadow self or Saboteur. The Saboteur’s job is to keep you in the confinement of what was, and hostage to old paradigms.

The Saboteur is a voice within that speaks with authority over you. Telling you who you are and who you are not. Being accountable for who we are today is one of the most valuable rewarding qualities of a Human. Taking stock of how you think and perceive yourself and your world around you. Asking yourself how and why do you think and believe that. Has it been through your own experience or others?

Reshaping your consciousness by being accountable sedates the Saboteur. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live your own life. Make your own choices? Manifest your own dreams? All without the misguided programmed assistance from your own Saboteur.

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