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The Field and Law of Attraction

Did you ever wonder how several inventors or scientists can almost simultaneously have the same idea? Or how you may have a dream and within days that dream magically happens in your life? It is not by accident or coincidence.

There is an information field that exists around us. We have access to it at all times. It is a place of creativity and manifestation. Others may refer to it as The Field, Zero Point, Field of Possibility, Matrix. Science explains the Field as a space in which negative and positive charges can be detected. It is a constantly fluctuating container of energy. The field holds wise electrons and charges that hold memories, dark matter, other realms of existence, and countless other possibilities.

When we sleep in the Theta state we have the ability to access this field. Our minds are more quiet, our left brains which are very active in the day allow the right brain to explore, dream and access places we cannot while our left brain is in charge. Meditation also provides a connection from within for information, ideas, to flow. In a relaxed state of consciousness, focusing on breathe, riding the space of lucid dreaming pokes the edge of the Field. It is here that you are conscious enough to ask and gather information and relaxed enough to allow the connection without resistance or judgment.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, the Field plays a part in what you attract. As electro magnetic beings our primary thoughts, which are our truest beliefs and our core interests, attract events and scenarios that fit that model.

It would be amazing if what we consciously ask for is what gets attracted, but that isn’t always the case. As mentioned in previous blogs our unconscious permeates what we attract. Thoughts of yourself, others, global judgments will reflect back to us. If they are negative thoughts and opinions it will emanate back to you. Negativity creates negativity. In the Law of Attraction, what you think you will receive.

Being mindful of your thoughts, projections and judgments are vital to succeeding in attracting all that you want in your life. Also keep in mind that your higher self or Spiritual part of you knows better in what is good for you. That part of you has some say in how and what gets attracted to you. So you can ask all you want for money, fame and fortune and if there is a blockage that is important for you to discover that you won’t receive what is being asked for.

Listen to Abraham Hicks an expert in the law of Attraction to understand more fully the attainable magic within the Law. First practice getting into a relaxed state of meditation, focusing on your breath. Inhale and exhale. Than focus on what you want to attract. See it feel it, own it as if you already have it. Visualize and create the in-depth vision of what you are attracting and the feelings in your body in its manifestation. Are you excited, in love, thrilled, at peace? Hold that vision and feeling, don’t get distracted by internal dialog of fear or doubt. Practice and see what Spirit unfolds for you.

You will be surprised how life unfolds the more you use the Law of Attraction the more you are in the Field of Possibility, at that point anything can happen. Enjoy!

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