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Develop Trust in Your Self

It is vital for any civilization to have a trust within themselves for survival and advancement. Putting ones trust in others of authority has brought downfall among many cultures and societies. Being an authority over others invites in ego and power. Once ego has its hold on whoever maintains an authoritative position becomes more difficult to keep compassion and an open heart in leadership.

Look within to see your trust level of who you are and where you have been. Do you trust your decisions, your wisdom? Do you trust your capabilities, talents, gifts and knowing? If trusting yourself is in question then your choices are narrowed to surrendering your sovereignty to others.

1. Trust is earned. That's not any different than you trusting yourself. You need to earn it. A good reminder to reflect on past decisions that you would claim as good, great, valuable, or productive. Take a breath in and allow that to penetrate any old voices that claim those decisions were wrong, you were inadequate, stupid, could have done better or any other negative opinions from others that rise in your head. Breath and let them pass through you. If you reflected and come up empty handed you might well be in that negative spiral of "I have no value or life is pointless." Keep in mind those negative statements aren't yours. Someone else projected them onto you and you believed them. It is a lie!

2. Reflect on any past choice you would have deemed as faulty, less than, should have known better. Ask yourself what were the lessons in each of those experiences that followed your decision. There is always something positive that emerges from the negative, its the polarity of life. It is only your perception that is was wrong that gets in the way. Some lessons are difficult and you walk away with great loss, but in that loss there is a lesson that will hopefully stick with you for life and you will never have to repeat it. Find those moments and let them be of comfort to what you judged as bad, or wrong.

3. Maybe by now you could be feeling more confident, pleased that there are parts of you that are known or unknown getting your attention in making decisions. Where there's a win or a lesson you are moving forward in your journey, evolution, and involution.

How to build your trust. If you laid a foundation of the past it is time to start construction.

1. Set out one decision you will make in the day that will help you to trust. So at the end of the day you can say it was a good decision. "I liked what I choose, or it was awesome." (Without ego of course). Its the confirmation that sticks with your subconscious in being recognized for providing you with insight.

2. Trusting self includes all parts of S.E.L.F. ( Spiritually Evolved Light Force) Your conscious, unconscious, and spiritual guidance. Remember you are never alone. Trusting that when you are quiet and mindful you have guidance that is not separate from you to assist in all decisions. Practice meditation and see the results that follow.

3. When was the last time you asked for help in decisions? That is not turning over you sovereignty but it can be a wise choice in gathering information. That is one way to be informed. The other is asking for the larger parts of you to assist. That can look like prayer. Reaching out to unknown parts of yourself, or the Universe, Source or whatever your particular reference may be. Pray for what you need from guidance is vital to trusting yourself. It sets the tone to establish a relationship with your guidance. Opens the doors for possibilities, and can assist you in letting go of , "I can’t ask for anything for myself, I’m not worthy."

The most valuable elements of gaining trust in yourself is time and patience. Gather each piece of assurance as if it was a precious gift and keep advancing in your knowing to trust.

Check out the Blog Your Body Doesn’t Lie. It mentions tools that will lead you to developing trust in yourself your wisdom and how You know more than you know!

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