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Consciously Waking Up

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

You are in the process of waking up.  Waking to the new reality of a paradigm shift.  A new consciousness of humanity that doesn’t tolerate ignorance and false truths.

If you haven’t noticed or experienced the chaos of our times, than maybe you are fast asleep or have slipped into the sludge of apathy.  The chaos of accountability is  rising  to the surface for humanity in what we have chosen to create. You cannot hide from yourself, or deny the existence of what is around you, as you are in the process of raising your consciousness and vibration.

You are becoming the New Human. As with any evolution it takes time, effort, patience and prayer. As was brought out in the previous blogs being accountable for what you believe, and your choices is vital to raising consciousness.  Choosing from your heart, being mindful of others and having gratitude for what you have, what you do and who you are  will automatically start the internal shift of vibration to create a global expansion. You are than shifting your consciousness.

The chaos that is assumed to be so negative can actually be viewed as a creative endeavor to bring about change.  The change will happen globally within the government, education, health, community, family, spiritually, and individually.  A deep cleansing from within to free and release what does not serve humanity.  To free the imprisoned mind, body and spirit to become the fullest potential in being Human.  By co creating a different reality.

Fear of change is the primary source of chaos.  Struggling to maintain consistency of comfort and  homeostasis in your life. Even if that comfort level doesn’t work.  If evolution or spirit is dragging you yelling and screaming into your future than you are not allowing the process to unfold naturally.  

Chaos approaches as the old paradigm shifts and what has held that paradigm in place is exposed.  Step back as the observer. Hold the space of possibility. Create the dream of what can happen. Be accountable for how you have contributed to the chaos and most of all be grateful for how life can unfold in mysterious ways.  You can be part of all that.

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