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“There is force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results"   ~Gandhi

Clarity, Order, Direction 

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Meet Darlene

Darlene Van de Grift a Medical Intuitive and Multidimensional Mediator, Medium and Translator assists in accessing your innate wisdom and guidance in the art and science of self-discovery. Darlene's formal education includes certification and teaching of Kinesiology, Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Matrix Energetics, TFH, Intension Muscle Balancing,  Nutritional Counseling, Reconnection, Plant Medicine, and Vibrational Arts. 

Becoming Aware ...

There are times in everyone's life that stress, worry, and wanting answers but not knowing where or how to find them can become overwhelming.  People are trying to find themselves, make better choices and expand their future possibilities. The struggle of living in this time of intensity and transition is why people seek the truth that SoulUnion offers. As a Medical Intuitive, I guide people to find themselves, make better choices, and expand their future possibilities. SoulUnion cares for the mind, body, and spirit in a co-creative discovery in finding the root cause, the factors involved and the direction forward in any given question or concern that may be causing stress.  Weaving new insights or understanding about health, relationships, career, or spirituality can shift one's consciousness, expand thought processes, change behaviors, motivate new choices, and can impact your DNA. You are not stuck, wrong, or incapable, you may only be a little lost. Find out the truth of who you are and take the steps toward clarity, order and direction to become more than you know.


Our DNA contains strands of information that define who we are and our potential future of who we can be.  Internal or external stimuli  such as stress or a new awareness can engage with the DNA. The DNA has the ability to respond by opening to that frequency of stimulation and information. That response can be generated in many ways throughout our bodies. We as humans are not restricted by our DNA. Our genetic patterns, and beliefs can be influenced and changed by frequencies such as conscious energy shifts, new perceptions, sound and light. 

Darlene Van de Grift

Work with Darlene

Darlene's sessions have an abundance of information and direction. Her gift in accessing your innate wisdom of your body’s Guidance system weaves the fabric of your present with your past and the possibilities of your future. Whether the subject is health, career, relationships or finding your purpose and Spiritual path, each co-creative session is all encompassing.  Bringing clarity and balance in many areas of your life.

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What Clients Are Saying


As a dogged Western Medicine physician, coming in contact with Darlene and her work 10 years ago quite literally rocked my world. Trying to wrap my conditioned mind around what she was accessing and offering me ushered in my personal spiritual awakening.

Since then, Darlene has become a trusted resource for me personally and a frequent referral in my large New York City-based primary care practice. Collaborating with Darlene on some of the most challenging clinical puzzles of my career has been a thrill and a revelation. I am no longer surprised when her intuitive access to the deeper truth of a patient's illness far eclipses all of my Western Medical tools combined. Darlene is a tremendous resource and a treasure.

Irina Linetskaya  MD Contemplative Medicine NYC

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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