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Cosmic Travelers

This is a Zoom Webinar held the third Sunday of every month.

  • 25 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

This is a Zoom Meeting that will take place the 3rd Sunday of every month from 2:00pm-3:30pm. Please contact Darlene for meeting login information. The Council of 28, also know as the Blue Crystalline Ancestors, has downloaded their individual Time Line history to Darlene. Allowing her to share their stories so we have a deeper understanding of who they are, an appreciation for their journey and deeper connection as many share in similar life challenges that we deal with every day. In the fall of 2022 the Council of 28 had their own evolution following a completion of a series of books called Multidimensional Chronicles, the first book to be released in 2023. The series is a journey into the Timelines and history of Humanity, lessons, tools and connection into what it means to all that you can be. The Council, now called the Evolves, is a new consciousness of one and not individuals. Bringing in Cosmic Order. The Council in various forms has embraced Darlene for over 35 years. The Council's knowledge of human issues has provided Darlene and her global Transformation Counseling clientele with insights into deeper understanding of how to live more fully, and how to overcome challenges on our journey of Waking up to meet our future selves, gain from their wisdom, talents and gifts. The Cosmic Travelers group works within the White Space, a cosmic field for neutrality and healing. It is here that we develop a deeper understanding of being Multidimensional and work with the energy of the Evolves for healing ourselves and the planet. "My Galactic Family has guided me for many years. I can truly say I would not know who or where I would be without them. I have known and worked with some of these Beings for over 35 years; they are my Galactic family. Your Galactic Families also have their own history, lineage, missions, trauma, challenges while they also emanate joy, love, peace and fortitude."

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