"Darlene is a healer in the deepest sense of the word, with skills and talent of the highest caliber.  Over the last few years, I've worked with her to gain insight and clarity about various aspects of my work and life. Every time she works with me - putting words and voice to the spirit patterns, family narrative, and subtext written within me- her advice has guided my next-step in the direction of growth and expansion."

Esperanza Spaulding

musician/artist. NYC

"Darlene's guidance on matters physical, emotional and spiritual is not only spot-on, but has a way of opening the door wide onto vistas only dimly glimpsed beforehand. Her clarity and integrity inform her intuitive work, and she's been invaluable to me over the years on everything from my vitamins to my spiritual path. She trained me in the muscle-testing techniques I wrote about in the book "What To Do When You Can't Decide" (Sounds True, 2010), and I've referred many friends to her who have been awed by the breadth and depth of their session with her. She's a real gift!"

Meg Ludstrom

writer  India

"Darlene Van de Grift is a remarkable coach and healer. Her talents reach deep into your soul and spirit as well as the cosmos to bring forth information. With Darlene's kind-hearted guidance you awaken to a multitude of information and connections. Then, she assists you with integrating and using the knowledge you now possess. With Darlene you open to a new awareness of Self--beyond time and space. And then you bring back this knowing into your daily life that takes on the aspect of awe and wonder. You become who you knew, but never dreamed, of being. Working with Darlene was the most profound awakening and healing session of my Earth life. I have utmost honor, respect, and joy for Darlene--her gifts, talent, and wisdom. She possesses an advanced combination of abilities that few attain. And the best part is that she shares them with us."

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD
Founder, Institute for Exoconsciousness
Community of the Exoconscious
Phoenix, Arizona


"Darlene is extremely gifted, she has helped us in many ways over many years, both physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Her work has changed and grown over the years, it gets better and better.  It seems she always has something to contribute that gives an opportunity for spiritual growth that has been  needed in the moment and we are truly grateful for that, as we are for having her in our lives.  We have learned a lot from her and are very happy to recommend her."

J&LD. Musician Woodstock NY


“Darlene is the best business coach I have ever known. She is incredibly intuitive, listens intently, comes up to speed quickly, and provides insights from unique and unexpected sources and vantage points. If you are looking for ways to navigate a volatile and unpredictable world with intention and grace, you don’t need to look any further. I recommend Darlene without reservation.”


Dean M. Becker
Managing Director
Adaptiv Learning Systems


"My counseling sessions with Darlene Van de Grift have been an absolutely integral part of my navigating life questions and career choices over the past five years. Darlene has a way of guiding me gracefully through challenging twists and turns by helping me access and follow my own inner wisdom. No matter the issue at hand, I always feel lighter and more capable after we speak. Darlene has also helped me a great deal in sorting through past traumas. By getting to the source of the issue and giving me exercises to release myself from them, I've been able to let go of a lot of unnecessary weight, giving me more space to focus on the present, and believe in my path."


                  B. Stevens, Performer NYC


"Darlene is a very gifted spiritual clairvoyant and psychotherapist. I have had several hundred sessions with her spanning 20 years. Her wisdom and advice have always been extremely accurate and in many cases life-changing"   ......


         Steve Drago  Tibetan Center  Kingston NY


“Darlene is a gifted intuitive. Her access to information has profoundly impacted my life. Having Darlene as a resource has been invaluable. I’ve entrusted her with many clients and I’ve so appreciated the collaborative nature in which she holds them in her care. Her love, clarity, and wisdom combined with her intuition make her a powerful guide. I am so grateful to her.”

Sherri T. Brown, Core Energetics Practitioner/Teacher and Co-Founder of Corevolution


"For decades Darlene has helped me face life’s challenges with her clarity and inspiration. She has been a catalyst for me opening to new adventures that have brought me great joy, adventures that I wouldn’t have recognized without her wisdom, nor had the courage to step into without her confidence in my innate ability to be all that I am. Darlene’s passion for her work and compassion for humanity, cultivate in her clients the honesty and self-love required to generate a more vital, creative and rewarding life. I am very grateful to be working with Darlene as she continues to be a touchstone in moments of confusion, fear or inertia."

Kathleen Donovan
Beyond Limitations - Body- Soul Integration
Sedona, Arizona


“I've been working with Darlene for several years and owe a great deal of personal and professional growth to her coaching. I view myself as a pretty self-aware individual but Darlene has been able to bring to light elements that were hiding in the dark. Her coaching has impacted my spiritual life, financial life, and relational life. It's amazing how the life we experience is so dominated by our inner workings. Darlene is a great help in harmonizing those inner workings. It's been amazing working with her.”

Sherley Legerme
Regional Vice President


"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Darlene since I was 6 years old, which has now almost been 24 years!  Darlene’s incredible versatility to seamlessly work with me as both a child and an adult is a testament to the great range and scope of her abilities.  Additionally, her talents in methodology span from simple, but incredibly effective, talk therapy, to deep explorations of mind, body, and soul connections.  During a session with Darlene I feel like she understands the inner workings of my mind without me even uttering a word.  We have worked on different vibrations, time lines, past lives and more while still remaining firmly grounded the present reality.  Darlene has not only guided me through many of my life's toughest challenges, she has helped to shape my thinking into patterns that are more healthful, nourishing, and sustainable.  I would highly recommend Darlene for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their thoughts and behaviors on a wholistic and multi-dimensional level, as well as for people seeking inventive and effective ways to break negative cycles in their own lives."

-Michael, M.S. in Neuroscience, current doctoral student in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience


"Darlene is astute, creative and understands the workings of relationships with depth and wisdom. She has the ability to guide you through situations in a grounded and meaningful way. Working with Darlene has helped me develop my intuition and hone in what really matters!"

                  Daniel S. Fine & Raw,  NYC


“I have personally benefited from Darlene's psychic sensitivity, and her clarity of mind and heart. She doesn't mince words, yet I have felt cared for even while she was being very direct. I feel as though I could say anything to her and she would understand, and not be thrown off balance. A session with Darlene is like having a profoundly sensitive life coach and therapist and dear friend all rolled into one. I recommend her work highly!”

Sonam Targee at

Rochester, NY


“My life changed when I was introduced to this remarkable woman over a year and a half ago. I began having odd physical symptoms that no Doctor could diagnose. I was desperate and thought I would try a more intuitive angle. In came the wonderful Darlene.  I don't know how she knows what she knows, but she is without a doubt, one of the most gifted people I have ever been lucky enough to work with.  If you get the opportunity to have an in-person visit, you will be amazed at how she can “read” your body to gather information. But you don’t need to see her in person for her to help you. She is equally mind blowing over the phone. The breadth of how she can help is quite amazing;  past lives, physical ailments, business advice, making emotional connections, supplementation, relationships and the list goes on. There are so many layers of her gifts that can help to heal and move you forward. As we have gotten to know each other and continue to work together consistently, the work that we do just grows deeper. Every one should experience this valuable work with Darlene and that is why I have many friends I have recommended her to who will tell you the same! Her guidance has changed my life!”

Catherine P  Performer,  NJ

“Darlene is the best. Her work is so powerful, and clear, and strong, that I'm sometimes amazed at what she can make happen. I know this may seem an odd word, but I find a real muscularity in her work. She is insightful, direct, deep and doesn't mince words -- but is also, always
loving and supportive. I have found working with her to be profound, and enormously effective. I can't recommend her highly enough!”

Steven Lutvak Composer, Artist. NYC


“Working with Darlene has been nothing short of life-changing for me. While undergoing deep personal transformation in many areas of my life, Darlene has been a solid rock of sound advice and nurturing guidance coming from deep-rooted ancient wisdom and spiritual technology that I can only catch a glimpse of understanding. Darlene's vision has helped me with healing both physical and spiritual, and her homework, while tough, has always been essential to the work I then do for the following months between sessions. I love the humor in which she approaches sorting out the deepest knots in my system and the perspectives she brings to the complexities of my life. I call her my "spiritual therapist", but Darlene is a lot more than that. In fact, my only concern is that I've had to learn to work on my own for months at a time before heading straight back to learn from my teacher. Darlene's compassionate, lack of judgement and easygoing manner makes even the most complicated concerns seem doable and sometimes even laughable. I've recommended her services to friends and my only challenge is when dear people who I'd really, really, like to help don't feel ready for it! I'm grateful for the extent to which she's helped me over these last several years and look forward to continuing to work with her closely in future.”

Rishe G., The Gene-Sis creator,

Brooklyn NY


“What would I do without Darlene in my life? I can not begin to say how grateful I am for her wisdom and psychic guidance in so many areas of my life.

At first I thought she was strictly a medical intuitive ( which she is) but as the years have gone by, I’ve been using her for all kinds of questions to life’s challenges and her responses are profound and “right on”.  I have recommend many friends to Darlene and they have all called me to rave at how incredibly insightful and helpful she was. Her work is "life-changing" as so many have reported.

Darlene has helped me with my health issues, my husbands issues, deciding if I should rent an apartment to a person I was considering, finances, the best places to vacation etc.  and the list goes on. I have never been disappointed with the answers and intuitive advice she has given me.
I would highly recommend her!!! “


Claudia Hirsch
owner of Enchanted Manor of Woodstock.