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Difficult Relationships

October 17, 2017

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Difficult Relationships

October 17, 2017


Many of us may have regrets or sorrow over relationships in our past that ended badly. Or perhaps you cannot reconnect with this person due to loss of contact or even death.  Our hearts hurt in the pain we have caused or knowing that in what you know now,  you could have done the relationship differently.  You are not alone, wounded hearts give us pause for reflection and possibly reconciliation.


I was first introduced to this amazingly simple yet most powerful method of clearing the old, being accountable for your own creation, and letting go.  For those who are not familiar with the method it is called Ho'Oponopono, a Hawaiian prayer originally taught by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Morrnah, a healer and in 1983 she received a great honor by being designated as a living treasure of Hawaii.  http://www.presentlove.com/hooponopono  


One of her students,Dr. Hew Len a traditionally educated university-trained physician who decided to look deeper into the process that Morrnah Simeona was using. Dr Len incidentally was in struggle with her speaking to spirits but continued his learning with her for over 10 years until her death.


"Dr Len  worked as a staff psychologist for Hawaii State Hospital overseeing high security unit housing male criminally insane patients. These men committed murders, rapes, assaults and due to their degree of “insanity” were locked into psychiatric high security facility. Violence against each other and staff members were common.


Three years later their wrist and ankle restraints were no longer used in this facility. Violence almost ceased to exist, only involving mostly new patients. New off-site activities were introduced to former violent patients. The spirit and order in the unit was greatly improved and eventually the whole unit was closed because there was no need. People just got improved, healed and released or moved into other non-violent wards.


This all was documented, described my multiple witnesses and personnel.


Dr. Hew Len improved and practiced updated Ho’oponopono process every day and this process caused the most miraculous transformation within the most challenging environment."


The method of Ho'Oponopono is easy, deep and moving. First bring the person you are in relationship with to your mind. You can also use a photo or even do this process in writing.  Next drop into your heart space and speak from there. Staying in your head will not clear the negativity in the relationship.

Say as follows, with as much or as little detail as you would like.

1.  I'm sorry

2.  Please forgive me

3.  I love you

4.  Thank you


I have used Ho'Oponopono for myself in clearing not only old relationships but times that I made decisions that effected my physical body as well.  Operations, accidents, times you may have felt compromised physically.  Use this wonderful healing gift to heal the rift that may exist with your body and your mind. Saying in the most heartfelt way to make the reconnection with your body can bring about dramatic changes.  I've seen relational miracles happen with its use.


My suggestion is to do this with every person in your life with whom you are incomplete, or have regrets.

The completion of this process exists when you see the person or think of them without feeling any negative emotions. If you do feel negative emotions about them, then do the process again.


There is no need to carry the burden of negative energy in any difficult relationship. Love yourself, let go and be free.



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