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Respect opens to Love

Many people talk about finding the love in our hearts. Becoming more loving, sending love to others. That is wonderful for some, and that can happen in moments when our hearts are available. The more important, long lasting effect of opening to love is having respect.

Look at what respect means: due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others. It is consideration, thoughtfulness, being attentive to others needs.

Ask yourself where do you fall in line with that in your own life?

As we mature respect is one of the qualities that are part of growing up. Yet we may not see much of that in our world today. There is little respect for each other, differences in cultures and others choices, or respecting the planet we live on. Where is the love? Where do we show up in this world with respecting others?

If you do not have respect for yourself or others love falls apart. Love cannot exist without the respect that prompts it. Love is shallow if respect is not part of the equation.

In the spiritual world of being multidimensional. Respect trumps love. Having respect from another has more meaning than being loved and for many they are the same. Working in other dimensions has taught me a great deal about respect. How they function amongst themselves and new situations that come into their lives. There is a common way of addressing differences. Not by attack or opposition but by the calm discussion of the differences and the listening to all parties. In doing so a solution can arise around the conflict, otherwise it is only the ego that is speaking and defending. Multidimensionals, of which humans are part of that experience, have learned much from their own evolution. They process differently with a maturity that also allows emotional expression.

In my own life I have developed a respect for the body, it’s innate wisdom that is part of our intuition, our gut feelings. Listening to your body and its needs will provide you with a healthier you. Respecting the wisdom of ancient cultures that are deeply seated in Gaia, Earth in her wants and needs. How to be a respectful visitor as we continue to take over her land and seas.

Think about respect in your day today. Are you respectful to others? Do you act on that respect? Do you say thank you? Do you acknowledge others wants or needs?

Its time to reflect on this word and take it seriously in order for communities, societies, and global consciousness can survive this pandemic of division.

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