Our DNA contains strands of information that define who we are and our potential future of who we can be.  Internal or external stimuli  such as stress or a new awareness can engage with the DNA. The DNA has the ability to respond by opening to that frequency of stimulation and information. That response can be generated in many ways throughout our bodies. We as humans are not restricted my our DNA. Our genetic patterns, and beliefs can be influenced and changed by frequencies such as conscious energy shifts, new perceptions, sound and light. 

Offering new insights is one way of achieving a shift towards a cohesiveness in Mind, Body, Spirit. Focused or intentional Light and Sound waves permeate us in ways that allow for subtle openings and an expansion of consciousness to take place.  The endeavor to create and maintain a resonance of neutrality and balance based on equality within our bodies and in our lives is Darlene's core work. In doing so the stresses of everyday life and the impact of stress on our bodies will be significantly diminished. Her understanding is that all Humans are in an integrative process to raise their vibration and be able to co-exist and co-create more effectively.