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Darlene's first memory was being in her mother’s womb and experiencing her twin disappearing in what seemed like a dark abyss below her.  That loss penetrated her life in many ways including developing the capacity to dive deep with clients to help them understand their own painful experiences. At an early age Darlene’s communication with animals developed, creating connection through telepathy and her nurturing.  Relationships of many kinds always played a significant part in her life.  The relationship that was valued most was with her mother, Charlotte.  There was a bond that existed outside of time and space that was unbreakable.
When Darlene was 16 her mothers life of trauma and illness culminated into her having an undiagnosed terminal illness and was given 6 months to live.  It was evident that the doctors had given up, but Charlotte did not.  Finding the path of alternative healing gave Charlotte her life back.  Applied Kinesiology and a strict regiment of 350 supplements a day for 3 years brought her to a new level of vibrancy.  It was the turning point for both of them in their commitment to being in services to others by opening a Complimentary Health Clinic and Massage School in Pennsylvania.

As a single mother  of 3 young children Darlene forged ahead in her practice of teaching, leading workshops and assisting private clients to achieve wellbeing. The Spiritual Guidance that she received in her personal life and for others took a giant leap of faith. On Darlene’s 40th birthday she clearly received the message that the successful Clinic of 10 years was to close and the family including Charlotte were to move to upstate NY.  In her silent protest, ‘NO WAY AM I MOVING”, events came to the foreground within a few days that indeed the business was closing and the move would take place.  Her next several years in NY was about raising teenagers, expanding her business, and dealing with her own health crisis of burn out.  All vital factors that needed to be attended to, and why the move was a necessity.

Darlene always had a strong will in her direction of life while handling the events, drama and sometimes tragedies that life offered her. The soul agreement that she had with Charlotte prior to this incarnation was one agreement that she would never compromise.  That agreement was, “ Darlene was not to ever surpass Charlotte in presence on this journey together.”  As time moved on Darlene’s ability to access other dimensional beings became part of her life and who she was becoming as a Mediator, Medical Intuitive, and Communicator. Life's’ lessons, children, business, care taking Charlotte in her older years became the daily fabric of life. Learning how to open her heart to allow love in and making room for all the possibilities offered her on the Spiritual level filled the space as time ticked by waiting for whatever was next to flow into her life.

The day that Charlotte took her last breath at age 86, not only was the agreement between them ended but the energetic protection that Charlotte had around Darlene all her life crumbled and blew away in the wind. Darlene was left empty, vulnerable, and free.  Who was she? A question only time would tell.  The years that followed took her on a journey of Spiritual Integration into the vastness of the Human experience of discovering, allowing and integrating aspects of herself that she only had glimpses of prior to Charlotte passing.  What she learned about herself and the potential of others interdimensionally, cosmically, and genetically expanded her perceptions and opened the doors for helping others to find their fullest potential.

Darlene would say, “ I’ve been told each of us has 2 births. One is coming into this world and the other is when our Mothers' pass. This 4 year Integration process  has allowed me to reach a higher potential, so my purpose of being in service to others can be enhanced.  For that I am eternally grateful.”