My blog today is about the use of Reflecting and how that can play a significant part in creating wholeness and wellbeing.

Reflection the meaning: using it as a process everyday to clear past to present.

The use of Reflecting provides clarity and gives purpose to who we are, where we have come from, and also where we are going. In Reflecting you are shedding light on the past and becoming an observer without judgment. As you look at situations in the present and than reflect back on a previous situation that has emotional similarities you create an opportunity for awareness that may not have existed before. It is in that moment of connection and awareness that pathways can open for new ways of thinking, acting and being. Thus opening the space of allowance.

Remaining in the space of allowance on a daily basis is not an easy task. Our emotions are stimulated and sometimes highjacked by circumstances around us.  When I find myself less engaged in the present by being more absorbed in what was or will be, or by paying attention to my body which maybe having a negative response to certain situations, I ask myself what does this situation have to show me and take the time to reflect.

Previously I felt a tightness in my body in speaking to friends or family on the phone if someone was present.  Not even realizing that I was creating restriction by not fully expressing myself, I became distracted and would want to end my conversations. Reflecting was helpful in understanding cause and choosing to do something different in the present.

As I began Reflecting, I realized that my privacy has always been important to me. Not having much privacy in my growing up years. My family could be invasive and rude while commenting when anyone was on the phone, and when my father arrived home at 4:25 from work the phone wasn’t to be used. Those memories enforced the reason of the growing tension when in present time I would talk on the phone in front anyone.

So the mission was how to change all that and be more comfortable. First acknowledging that my family had their own issues, and not to have blame or wishful thinking that they would ever change. A cleansing breathe felt like I did accept that. Also I needed to realize there wasn’t anything wrong with connection, conversation or having fun, therefore it wasn’t my fault and I don’t need to blame myself for those circumstances. In Reflecting what I could have done to change those circumstances was to make a claim for myself by speaking up. Later in my mid teens I did do that and can honestly say I did speak out. By acknowledging the truth of my family, my desire for connection and what I did later in standing up for myself I felt more at peace and complete.

Onto the present. I began claiming my space with no interruptions if I was on the phone, which had happened on occasion. It was also planning my conversations around times that didn’t interfere with dinner or other plans. Next was to teach myself to breath and relax in those conversations. I did this by expressing myself more, and de-stressing the past ingrained behavior. I even visualized  my family around me when I was having a phone conversation, while sticking my finger in my ear to not hear them and closing my eyes to keep from being distracted.  Shutting them out while staying focused and engaged.  Thankfully I didn’t have to do that long, before my body relaxed.  Now its become more joyful to talk to friends/family when anyone is present. The tightness is released and replaced with a quieter contentment in giving myself permission to relax and know I am not presently reacting to my past. Taking stock of

Reflecting is a valuable tool in my work. Gratitude, appreciation and spiritual connection have grown immensely within others because they are letting go of their attachments to the past. Personal reflective work allows our hearts to expand by accepting what is and what was without judgement or blame.

This blog is for you to consider Reflecting on your world, release the past and make different healthy decisions in the now.

Open your hearts to what life has to offer and Breathe!



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