Limiting Beliefs

What really runs us?

Is it our genetics, our history, our choices we make on a daily basis?

It is all of that combined into beliefs that we unconsciously follow on a regular basis.

Our limiting beliefs are created in the heat of the moment. Usually our first hurt, disappointment, anger, fear, or rage becomes the basis for how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. For most of us this stems from under age 7, even birth or in the womb. We become fused into that moment.

You are fused physically by what your body is experiencing in that moment, emotionally what you are feeling and mentally to what you are perceiving or believing to be truth. That is just one moment in time. Imagine if the situation that created those emotions and fusion continues? Or with different circumstances or people involved, the pattern of emotional hurt and anger is generated over and over, deepening the beliefs, hardening the perception of life. We are than making our present day choices on old, often misunderstood, perceptions. Our beliefs are embedded into what we think, feel and do in our life and also in what we attract in life.

Unless we defuse that moment, pull it apart, reframe it, understand it differently and than make  different choices we are frozen in time. As life moves on and we continue to not defuse it, it becomes part of our sub conscious emerging occasionally in our thoughts or in our dreams, continuing into our physical body as symptoms and eventually can become illness or disease.

The body never lies its like a computer remembering everything as it was, in the truth of the matter. Applied Kinesiology accesses the truth of the body.  Your conscious mind can lie. Mostly to yourself. Because we are thinking beings we rationalize, and usually create a story ( our own) about whatever circumstance occurred. Judgement of others, irrational fear, and sometimes negative behavior all stems from choices we make from past experiences that hold us hostage.

I encourage you to take a look at the beliefs and perceptions that hold you hostage. If you are judgmental about something specific, look back on where that judgment originated. Is it even yours? Ask people that you love and trust, if there are specific perceptions they see you may have that aren’t for the highest good. Where did those perceptions originate?

In doing so you are acknowledging  what runs you may not be in your best interest and begin the process of freeing yourself, to become bigger, better, brighter.







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