Why we can’t let go

We are not designed to let go. Gravity on this planet is proof of that. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be weightless? How you wouldn’t feel your body like you do now. How what we take for granted in our movements, in body functions and even intending to accomplish something would be far from simple. Everything we know would be in a space of total allowing, little control, and abundance of movement.

Living with gravity, our ability and propensity to hold on is engrained in our survival as we know it.

Than again the world we live in is a duality. As much as we are programmed to hang on, we are constantly invited to let go.

What happens when we don’t let go?

Eventually we live mentally, physically and emotionally in cluttered chaos. There is very little use for most of the things we hang onto. We do so out of fear of loss, fear of the unknown and who would we be without our attachments. Our attachments than become our own private world that we have put our spin onto in order to keep our story alive.

As a child there was a closet in our pantry with a sliding door. I continually hid food and things I wanted for later; anything that felt important for me to have to save, just incase. I felt secure in the knowing they were there. Whether I ever used them or needed them was irrelevant. They were there and that’s what was important.

My mother continually removed my treasures on a regular basis, especially the food. Since I was so young I developed the belief there was always more, because in my world, there was. I also developed the felt sense of when enough was enough based on what my closet hiding space could hold. As things began to pile up in the closet on the floor there wasn’t enough room to hold everything and that is when somethings had to go. This ritual assisted me in being accustomed to having and not having.

As my private stash appeared grew and disappeared so can yours. Take a closet, a corner, a table top that needs attention and with intention categorize the contents. What hasn’t been used, needed or even thought about in the last  year, put aside. Pull out the items of priority and make conscious use of them. Bag up whatever is in your overflow pile and allow that to stay bagged for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks if nothing was missed, toss it, or donate it, give it away, but don’t rethink it by looking back in the bag. GRAVITY WILL TAKE OVER AND YOU MAY BE STUCK WITH IT AGAIN

You’ll feel better, cleaner, clearer and MORE capable of breathing easier. Enjoy the FREEDOM of Choice!



  1. Maria E De Guzman 02/07/2012, 6:46 pm Reply

    I believe in keep just the necesary. The things need to be used for whom probably need them. Another good things will come for us after this momment. Let it flue and the energy would come with new and useful objects.

  2. Brenda 12/24/2015, 3:09 pm Reply

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  17. 04/06/2016, 11:09 am Reply

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  18. 04/14/2016, 11:02 am Reply

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